On a certain hot summer days 610 people use the public swimming pool. The daily prices are $1.25 for children and $2.50 for adults. The receipts for admission totaled $1065. How many children and how many adults swim at the public pool that day

Accepted Solution

368 children and 242 adults swam at the public pool.Step-by-step explanation:Let, x be the number of children.y be the number of adults.Price per children = $1.25Price per adult = $2.50Total tickets sold = 610 Total amount = $1065According to given statement; x+y=610 Β  Eqn 11.25x+2.50y=1065 Β  Eqn 2Multiplying Eqn 1 by 1.25;[tex]1.25(x+y=610)\\1.25x+1.25y=762.5\ \ \ Eqn\ 3[/tex]Subtracting Eqn 3 from Eqn 2;[tex](1.25x+2.50y)-(1.25x+1.25y)=1065-762.5\\1.25x+2.50y-1.25x-1.25y=302.5\\1.25y=302.5\\[/tex]Dividing both sides by 1.25;[tex]\frac{1.25y}{1.25}=\frac{302.5}{1.25}\\y=242[/tex]Putting y=242 in Eqn 1;[tex]x+242=610\\x=610-242\\x=368[/tex]368 children and 242 adults swam at the public pool.Keywords: linear equations, subtractionLearn more about linear equations at:brainly.com/question/3950386brainly.com/question/4021035#LearnwithBrainly