A scientist follows this procedure to test whether plants have been performing photosynthesis.Place Plant X in a dark closet and Plant Y on a sunny windowsill. Wait several days, then remove a leaf from each plant.Boil leaves in alcohol to remove the chlorophyll. Add a chemical indicator that detects sugars. (Dark purple = sugars are present; dark orange = sugars are not present)What results will the scientist most likely obtain when placing drops of the indicator on the leaves?Plant X: dark purplePlant Y: dark purplePlant X: dark orangePlant Y: dark purplePlant X: dark orangePlant Y: dark orangePlant X: dark purplePlant Y: dark orange

Accepted Solution

answer:   Plant X: dark orange                Plant Y: dark purple explanation: plant X was placed in dark so due to the absence of sunlight it didn't perform photosynthesis and plant Y was placed on a sunny windowsill so it perform photosynthesis. as we know that during photosynthesis, sunlight energy is used to covert carbon dioxide gas and water into oxygen gas and a sugar called glucose. so, in plant x sugars are not present and in plant Y sugars are present. that's why result is  Plant X: dark orange                                 Plant Y: dark purple.