My daughter plays the cello, does she still have to wear a skirt for the concert? No, nice black pants (no jeans) are acceptable as well.

The only black shoes I have are tennis shoes, and we can't afford to get a pair of $30 dollar dress shoes, what should I do? First be sure to check out Wal-Mart and Payless.  They often have black dress shoes for 10 dollars and under.  If there is a problem finding shoes, let Mrs. Wharry know.

Are black capri pants okay? No, capris are not pants.  Pants need to cover the entire leg.

What about skorts for girls? Most skorts are "above the knee".  If you can find some that are below the knee when seated that is fine.

What if the shirt has 3 buttons only? The shirt must have buttons ALL the way down.  Otherwise it is a polo shirt.

What kind of tie do boys have to wear? Boys need to wear a long black tie, not a bowtie.  Wal-Mart carries these for $8.  If there is a problem, please see Mrs. Wharry.

Can I wear black dressy sandals? We prefer closed-toe shoes.  ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP FLOPS!!

Why do we have to stay for the whole concert?  Can't I leave when I'm done playing? Students need to stay for the entire concert.  One of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) that is found in the music area is having appropriate small and large group concert etiquette.  Students must learn that they need to stay for an entire performance as they will be evaluated on their attentiveness.  It is rude to leave early.  If there is a problem, contact Mrs. Wharry.

Does attending the concert cost anything?

No!  The concert admission is free.  We will have a donation bucket at the door.

What about shirt sleeve length?
As long as the shirt has a sleeve, length does not matter.  Shirts can be short sleeved, 3/4 length, or full length.