We would love to have you join the award winning Durham Orchestra in sixth grade!
Here's how to join:

1.  Mark a "1" next to orchestra on your elective card.  Don't worry if you're not sure which instrument to mark--we'll figure that out at our instrument selection night or when the orchestra director comes to test students at your school later this spring (for school visits, the director can ONLY test students who mark ORCHESTRA as their 1st CHOICE).

2.  Call or email Mrs. Wharry at 972-350-1656 or wharrys@lisd.net  ANY fifth grade student regardless of elective choice can come to be tested for orchestra instruments )

Remember that you don't need any prior musical experience to join--we'll teach you everything you need to know!
ANY student can be successful on a stringed instrument!  We have instrument rental options through various vendors that will fit most everyone's budget from $15/mo and/or $50/year depending on each instrument--when in doubt, ask!  We never want cost to prevent someone from enjoying a musical instrument.  Finally, remember that it is important to get into a music ensemble in the sixth grade as it is next to impossible to join in the seventh grade!  If you forget what the different instruments sound like--visit our
sound clips page!



Future Orchestra Member Information!


Visit our awards page and see why we're one of the fastest growing groups around!

What will I do as a sixth grader in orchestra?