Beginning Orchestras





            Continue the development of acceptable bow strokes, including the new concept of slurs.

                Continue the development of a working knowledge of key signatures and scales through                                   the addition of the G major scale and slurred bowings.

                Develop an understanding of how to adjust for accurate pitch through listening.

                Develop rhythmic understanding and skills through counting and work with the

                                metronome. Understanding of 8th note rhythm patterns.

                Further develop performance skills through concert experiences and performances for

                                peers in class.


            Again, each student will begin each week with 100 points for his/her daily grade. Homework (practice) is given every day and students are expected to have their music and notebook at home every night for careful home practice. Daily grades will be taken on homework assignments as needed (individual, sectional, class). Parents, please make an effort to be involved with your child’s home practice.


            Parents, please help your child keep up to date with his/her practice records. They are to be signed by you and returned to us by Monday of each week. Each practice record is worth 10% of the student average. To receive full credit, students must copy down each assignment every day and practice at least 75 minutes per week. Ideally, practice should be broken down into five sessions of 15 minutes each.



                Thursday, Nov.9 – Playing Test

                Thursday, Nov. 16 – Playing Test

                Thursday, Nov. 30 – Playing Test

                Tuesday, Dec. 12 – Dress Rehearsal after school 4:00-5:00 (students who normally ride the bus home will need to make other arrangements for transportation home that day)

                Wednesday, Dec. 13 – Winter Concert 7:00-8:15 pm (students arrive at 6:15 for tuning)

                Week of Dec. 18 – End of Semester Written Test


V. Winter Concert Information

            Students ARE REQUIRED  to attend the dress rehearsal on Tuesday Dec. 12th and the Winter Concert on Dec. 13th.  Students are expected to stay for the duration of the concert in accordance with the state TEKS.  Plan ahead to resolve conflicts on those dates.

Required Dress – Girls:  White button down blouse and long black skirt or dressy black pants, black dress shoes (no flip-flops).

                                Boys:  White button down dress shirt, long black tie, black slacks, black shoes and socks.

****Please take care of assembling the required uniform ASAP so that the students are not left without proper attire.

Conduct grades will be taken during the concert – students documented for misbehavior during the concert will not be allowed to attend our trip to the Dallas Symphony next semester. (Date TBA)


We are planning to pre-sell poinsettias for our winter concert to help “dress up” the gymnasium and provide a momento of the evening’s special performances.   We are currently negotiating a price (approx. $10.00 for an 8” poinsettia which is lower than most retail prices).   Please check below if you plan to pre-order as we need an idea of how many to order ASAP.  An order form will be coming home soon.


______Yes!! I plan to purchase ______  poinsettia(s)